About Me

I am a Mindset & High-Performance Coach, Trainer, and Speaker who guides Men to reach their full potential in their lives and in businesses. I am also the Founder of the Maskless Men Movement, a movement and community to help redefine what it means to be a modern man.

My Bio

For 28 Years I wore a mask, I wore lots of masks in my life. This robbed me of years of my life, being able to truly connect deeply with others, business opportunities, high levels of business success, relationships, fulfilment and aliveness.


I had a mask for everything, with my partners I was a ‘good boyfriend’, with my family I was ‘the favourite and good son’, in my work (Military) I was a tough guy and with my friends, I was the loudest one, the confident, funny one, the one that loved being the centre of attention, the LAD!


…But all of this was just a front to hide the truth!


Deep down I felt empty, I was scared of life and if there was ever a time where there was a risk of me not being perfect or being found out, I would experience mad anxiety. I’d do everything to avoid it, get defensive of myself, use humour to deflect or just avoid at all costs.


From the outside, I looked like a man with a beard, muscles and hairy chest, but really I was just an insecure boy in a man’s body who desperately wanted to be liked and loved! 


I thought it was just me who felt this way because as Men in today’s age this is not what we talk about, it’s not ‘Pub talk’ as it was once described to me. I thought I’m a Man, I need to be tough, man up, don’t be a pussy and know exactly what to do (even though no one has taught me).


It wasn’t until I was able to build the courage to take off the mask of shame and go a journey of self-discovery did I realise what I’d been missing out on.


Deep and loving intimate relationships where I could be 100% honest and be my authentic self. Be ok with not having everything figured out, stepping into what scared me as a path towards further growth. Incredible, lasting friendships, asserting myself on my life and cultivating purpose and fulfilment in every area.  Feeling ALIVE! 


Over the next 6 years, my path became about unfucking myself, releasing toxic shame and with the tools, I discovered helping others do the same as I qualified as a Coach.


But I still had a problem, while I had lots of incredible friendships most of them were with women or with friends who are scattered across the world and I was lonely.


I yearned for Men who got me! Men who I could connect with on both a surface and deep level. That masculine energy that is just simple that you can tap into whenever you meet again. 


So I decided to search for a Men’s group and stumbled across my first ever one being held in a Yurt in the middle of the Buckinghamshire countryside here in the UK. 


I rocked up to a car park nearby some woods and wondered WTF am I getting myself into.


It was that night that everything changed for me. What I experienced blew my mind! It opened up my eyes to the inside world of men and for the first time in a long time, I realised I was not alone. 


I’ve always said that if I have the problem someone else does too.


Inspired by the group, I did some more research and I realised that MEN DESPERATELY NEED THIS and I need this. So I set up my first-ever men’s group where 5 brave men showed up all looking like they wanted to kill me. I was about to ask them to talk about FEELINGS!


Yes I was shitting myself but it turns out so were they. 


Since then I’ve gone onto become good friends with many of these men and we’ve now passionately been running Men’s groups offline and online for more than 12 months. 


In the beginning, I was selfishly creating something for me, but now 12 months in I realise that these groups and our coaching is the start of something so much bigger than me. For many men, they are not only a place to learn from other men, get support, get coached, have a laugh, for some they are the LIFELINE they need to get like back on track! 


We are wired for connection and our very survival is dependent on our ability to connect to our tribe. Through our work, we are creating a culture where men can be men while still expressing themselves fully and deeply without the need to wear a mask.

Now imagine what is possible for you if you have the courage to step up and be the type of man not only your partner and children are proud of but the type of man you can be proud of. The type of man that has the respect of other men and embodies what it means to be a healthy male role model in today’s society, a true king, a gladiator (Aka Maximus Decimus Meridius)

Speaking & Podcast Topics

Effective Habit Creation Using Emotions

  • Neuro Associative conditioning
  • Creating habit loops
  • Establishing leverage
  • Environmental design

The Mindset For Success

  • Knowing Your Outcome & Your Why
  • Aligning with your values
  • Creating a vision that leads to effectivity rather than efficiency
  • Daily Mind hacks for leveraging pain and maximising power

Modern Masculinity

  • How the system is damaging boys and their development
  • What boys and men need as role models to follow in a world filled with narcists, nice guys and toxic masculinity
  • A word of men fueled by toxic shame
  • The very little world of men that very few people know about 
  • Mens Mental Health


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