About Me

I am a Mindset & High-Performance Coach, Trainer, and Speaker who guides Men to realise their full potential while living a life fueled by purpose in their lives and in businesses. I am also the Founder of the Maskless Men, a movement of ambitious, courageous men and community striving to redefine what it means to be a modern man. A tribe of men who are to explore life beyond the mask and admit that they don’t have it all figured out.

My Bio

For 28 Years of my life, I wore a mask, every day I lived in the prison of what I called my life. My heart securely locked up and layered with protective armour to keep others out and to stop them from finding out my dirty little secret.

My countless fronts robbed me of years of my life, stopped me from letting others in, missed business opportunities, high levels of business success, relationships, fulfilment and the gift of feeling alive.

I had a mask for everything, with my partners I was a ‘good boyfriend’, with my family I was ‘the favourite and good son’, in my work (Military) I was a macho guy and with my friends, I was the loudest one, the confident, funny one, the one that loved being the centre of attention, the LAD!

 …But all of this was just a front to hide the truth!

 Deep down I felt empty and scared of anything that risked me not being right, perfect or being found out as the FAKE I really was. I’d do everything to avoid it, get defensive of myself, manipulate, dominate, use humour to deflect or just avoid any situation where I couldn’t WIN & LOOK GOOD.

 From the outside, I looked like any regular guy with my beard, deep voice and hairy chest, but really Inside was just a boy in a man’s body who desperately wanted to be loved and feel accepted! 

For many years, I thought it was just me who felt this way. But as I dug into the world of men and started talking to men I discovered I was not alone.

So why was no one talking about this?

The answer lied within me and male role models I had in my life. My dad, my stepdad and my Taid (Grandad in Welsh), all of which were old school blokes. The attitude, don’t show weakness, be strong, don’t cry, Man up and never talk about your feelings. (That’s not pub talk)

It wasn’t until I hit the age of 27 after a couple of failed long term relationships did I build up the courage to slowly open up the safe door and take off the mask. Only to reveal my truth, I had no idea who I was.

Over the next 7 years, my path became about peeling off the layers. Going on a journey to unfuck myself, releasing toxic shame, getting to know myself, and with the tools, I learnt started to help others to do the same as a Mindset & Performance Coach for men

Speaking & Podcast Topics

Emotional Wealth & Effective Habit Creation

  • Neuro Sciences formula for cracking habits using NAC
  • Habit Stacking and creating effective mental and physical habit looks
  • How to Create 18 positive new habits in 6 months leveraging the brains natural functionality
  • Environmental design and why most fail to create lasting change.
  • Building Your Emotional Wealth & Making Investments into your emotional bank account.

Mental Resiliance & Mindset

  • Setting yourself up for success with value-driven goals and purpose
  • Crushing the limiting beliefs that stop us from realising our potential.
  • Releasing negative emotions and healing past trauma’s using Timeline Therapy
  • Overcoming procrastination, self doubt, and the feeling like you are never enough.

Modern Masculinity & The Nice Guy Syndrome

  • How Men’s groups can help men heal their past wounds and live life beyond the masks.
  • Nice Guy Syndrome and leading a cropping life of approval seeking, conflict avoiding and give to get behaviour.
  • Toxic Shame the real cause of Toxic Masculinity
  • Men’s Shadow work and maturing to become the king of your kingdom.
  • Connecting with other men and the struggles with building deep and trusting relationships


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Facebook (Personal): Jay Williams

Email: [email protected]

High Performance Coaching: jaywilliamscoaching.com